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Ezine Campaign

All of our campaigns are aimed at building your Brand, creating awarenes and potential lead opportunities. Of course everyone will have a view on the different levels of marketing and sales activity they want and also each client will also have a different level of technical capability - what this means is that we can offer varying levels e-Marketing services dependent on the requirement of our client and their marketing Campaigns.
Contact us for an exact proposal and have a look at recent examples that we've done. Our aim is to help our clients to experience the benefits of this emerging technology at the lowest cost of entry possible - from there we hope that clients will be able to take over some of the aspects of the service themselves so they feel both in touch with their e-Marketing and also in control of events!

We assist you in whatever way is necessary so that your eNewsletter is put together and launched quickly and easily. Starting with setting objectives, designing the look and feel (of the template), handling the emailings and responses - this works through to a host of additional services which transform the way you perform newsletter marketing. We offer our clients:

  • * Planning: - we will help you set objectives and provide you with a frame of reference on how similar campaigns have worked for other clients. This helps set expectation and presents a strong business case for starting out with eNewsletters.
  • * Data consolidation and manipulation: - we will take your data, de-duplicate it to ensure one person receives one email only, merge multiple databases, highlight any problems, and host the data. When the campaign is completed we'll send your data back complete with click throughs, responses, bounces and unsubscribes logged.
  • * HTML design: - we will create an HTML template for you based on the look and feel of your own brand website or literature (whether you are a Business or an Educational institute) to help promote your brand.
  • * Mailing: - the campaign can be handled by us using our managed service where we do all the work or by you using web portal. Either way the results will be the same - you choose your level of involvement, right the way down to none.
  • * Response management: - we will monitor the responses and clickthrough levels. If they fall below the set objective then we will halt the campaign and look at refocusing the project, with new copy, to deliver the agreed rates.