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Online Marketing

We provide the following online marketing solutions which can boost traffic to your website immediately.

1- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It's all well and good having a nice website, but getting it out there is another thing. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Marketing Services include a range of activities – some are automated and some are manual (involving consultancy).
The Internet is proving to be the most preferred medium of communication and search engines the most widely used medium for information gathering and purchasing. With 80% UK homes on broadband choosing to shop online, reaching out to customers through search engines is a part of the strategy for every organisation small or large.
Search engine crawlers/spiders evaluate your website content and rank accordingly. This is how they determine whether your website is suitable to be displayed as relevant to someone searching for something on the Internet.
We provide a number of approaches to help improve your search engine ranking that help your products and services to reach your customers and increase traffic to your website for converting traffic into sales or valuable leads.
Our Search Engine Optimisation service is tailored for each individual website.
We provide:

  • - Keyword reporting and analysis
  • - Updating your META information
  • - Content modification
  • - Link building
  • - Search engine submission
  • - Progress reports
  • - & More!

2- Pay Per Click (PPC)

We are experts in increasing business for our clients through Pay Per Click advertising campaigns across a number of networks. Our team members have special expertise and experienc Google online advertising. We have a proven track record in improving our clients results, we do this through a combination of techniques, but the most important thing is understanding our clients needs, their target audience and what makes them tick.

3- Email Marketing

All of our campaigns are aimed at building your Brand, creating awarenes and potential lead opportunities. Of course everyone will have a view on the different levels of marketing and sales activity they want and also each client will also have a different level of technical capability - what this means is that we can offer varying levels e-Marketing services dependent on the requirement of our client and their marketing Campaigns.

  • * Planning: - we will help you set objectives and provide you with a frame of reference on how similar campaigns have worked for other clients. This helps set expectation and presents a strong business case for starting out with eNewsletters.
  • * Data consolidation and manipulation: - we will take your data, de-duplicate it to ensure one person receives one email only, merge multiple databases, highlight any problems, and host the data. When the campaign is completed we'll send your data back complete with click throughs, responses, bounces and unsubscribes logged.
  • * HTML design: - we will create an HTML template for you based on the look and feel of your own brand website or literature (whether you are a Business or an Educational institute) to help promote your brand.
  • * Mailing: - the campaign can be handled by us using our managed service where we do all the work or by you using web portal. Either way the results will be the same - you choose your level of involvement, right the way down to none.
  • * Response management: - we will monitor the responses and clickthrough levels. If they fall below the set objective then we will halt the campaign and look at refocusing the project, with new copy, to deliver the agreed rates.

4- Automated Search Engine Submissions Through Traffic Driver

Traffic Driver automatically submits your website, every month, to all the search engines that matter - Google, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, Yahoo! and more. There are three TrafficDriver plans offering advanced search engine optimisation and submission features, including:

  • * Traffic Driver High:- Pushing search engine rankings higher, with a guaranteed Google listing, meta tag generator and submission to over 400 search engines.
  • * Traffic Driver Super: - customised search engine optimisation advice, monthly reports on site's search engine rankings and a guaranteed Google listing.
  • * Traffic Driver Extreme: - used as part of a specially tailored SEO consultancy - automatic submission of a site to over 400 search engines, thorough search engine optimisation analysis, detailed customised advice, monthly reports, comparative competitor analysis and a guaranteed Google listing.

5- Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media is no longer cutting edge, its main stream! Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube are amongst the fastest ways to connect to new customers and get the word out about your brand. No matter the size of your company, the products or services you provide, if your customers are online then they are using social media, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be, too.