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Domain & Web Hosting

1. Domain Names

Nimbus Commerce provide full domain support and configuration services which allow you to use services such as email and web hosting on your domain along with registring of your website domain.

2. Web Hosting

From our basic hosting package through to dedicated load balanced customised solutions Nimbus Commerce has the technology to host your web site.
* Unlimited Bandwidth: - Many of our hosting packages come with unlimited transfer bandwidth so you needn't worry about monthly bills. Obviously, if your site becomes really busy you'll have to make sure the hardware can keep up with demand as much as the bandwidth!
* Unlimited Storage: - Within reason, we can host any amount of data so your site can be a simple 1MB info site to behemoth 5GB shopping site.
* Hardware: - With our basic hosting package your site will be hosted on our shared servers where they will benefit from 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed up time. Your site will always be hosted on up to date systems as we constantly update our hardware to cope with new technology and demands. From this basic set up we can provide a range of options including load balancing and increased redundancy (to guard against down time) through to dedicated servers.
* Control: - Apart from the basic package a complete Control Panel option is available or, in the case of our dedicated server option, complete Video sharing so you can have complete control over the entire machine.
* Software & Scripting: - We offer a choice of operating system between Windows 2003 & Linux, both at most recent stable builds. Every package has access to PHP & CGi scripting, with the option for ASP and ASP.NET scripting on Windows servers.
* Connectivity: - Our multi-homed network connection means we do not rely on any single network provider leading to increased stability and reliability. Plugged directly to the backbone of the internet, every server enjoys a fully redundant Tier 1 connection so our customers never experience slow-down or service interruptions.
* Management: - All of our solutions are available as DIY packages or as fully managed services so you you needn't worry about how to configure or troubleshoot.

3. Hosting Other Technologies

* Databases: - Our servers are able to host and connect to a number of databases including mySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and Excel databases.
* Games and more: - With our dedicated solution you have complete control over your server to install whatever software you choose, this means you will be able to run a games servers or run a dedicated online service which may not even have a web based interface.
* Backup: - Whilst we would expect you to maintain copies of your data (especially with a DIY solution), we will take steps to maintain an off site backup of your files and data should you require it. So if the unthinkable should happen, you can rest assured you'll be back up and running in the shortest possible time.